Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hey It's Lyman Need A Quick Favor :)

If your wondering if that last email was legit or not it is. I just launched a new business and maybe got a little carried away haha. But I am offering 20% commission to any sales anyone brings me It would really help me out and Can give you some extra money. Feel free to contact me with questions and what not. 

Again the site is I did design and build the site (Me Lyman) 

Hey It's Lyman Need A Quick Favor :)

I've got a 30-second favor I need to ask you for.

As you might know I'm a local online marketing consultant and launched my new site/business

I'm helping business owners make sure their prospective customers can find them when they go looking online.

As you know, the best clients are always the ones where there's already some sort of connection – that goes a long way toward building trust and making an initial contact easier.

So here's the favor...

Who are 3 or more people you know that have a local business and would like it to be more successful?

For example...
Heating and A/C Companies

Or any kind of business serving their local area.

What I'd like to do is provide them with a free, comprehensive analysis and consultation of their online marketing efforts.

It will show them where they are now with their website, where potential customers are looking for what they offer online, the steps they can take to reach their potential customers online, and help them discover how much untapped, new-found business is out there looking for them on the internet.

Normally it's a $497 report and consultation, but because the connection is coming from you, I want to give them something 
valuable that they can put to use in their business. And maybe they'll be interested in my services to implement the plan I give them in their report.

Also for any business I close that you reffered I will give you 20% commission of any of my 4 packages I offer. 

1st package is $500 so your commission would be $100

2nd package is $600 so your commission would be $120

3rd package is $800 so your commission would be $160

4th package is $1200 so your commission would be $240

feel free to check out my site to learn more about what is offered

You'll be doing both of us a huge favor!

Just reply back with the name, email, phone number and business name for the business owners you know or you can direct them right to my site.

I really appreciate it!