Friday, November 4, 2011

The Art Of Creating And Selling Online Businesses Part 1

Looking back over 2 years ago I never thought I would be where I’m at today doing what I’m doing. I mean I get to stay home all day play on my computer, go where I want, no boss, and have complete freedom. I mean it almost feels like a sin :)

I always get asked what I do for a living and it’s always so hard to describe. I mean I’m an internet marketer/web developer/?????? The best way I can describe it is I create and sell online businesses. I don’t really think they have a job title for that or you can apply for it. I sort of just created it for myself as it’s what I really enjoy doing. I won’t bore you with all the details and just get into the nitty gritty!


When people see what I do they think I’m lucky or think what I do is so easy when in fact it is quite the opposite. I make it seem easy because I’ve been such a techy/artistic person my whole life. I love doing what I do. What I do would usually take someone new to this 5-10 years of dedicated work to reach my numbers. The process of what I do is brainstorm and look for great opportunities to create online businesses. Either it be a service or product (I do also create fun niche sites that generate income)

After I have the idea mapped in my head I start looking and planning how I want the site to turn out. I look at other sites to get ideas. This includes how the pages layout, color scheme, fonts and all that other fun stuff. Then comes the Logo, graphics, buttons, writing content, and such. I will go into more detail on the creation and sells process of creating and selling the online business.

Where The Magic Happens

After coming across a website called Flippa I decided to try and sell one of my websites. It sold but not for much as it was a weird niche and not much income. I just wanted to test it out. It sold for more than I thought for a total of 191 bucks. Not shabby I thought for a website about Wooden Boat Kits! I know weird niche and I knew nothing about it. That sell is what drove me to develop and create sites/business that I sell and make a very comfortable living from. Not only that I make money with the sites I develop so it’s a win win for me. Click Here To Go To Flippa

2 Years Of Sales

Like I said earlier I have been doing this for about 2 years now and so far I’m going stronger than ever. Here are some screen shots of some sales I’ve made over 2 years:

More Greatness To Come

I created this post to share with people and show them more of what I do. This will be a multi part series where I go into more detail about what goes on behind the scenes of creating and selling online businesses. Make sure to subscribe, follow me on twitter, like me on facebook and leave me a comment. Also make sure to stay tuned for the next part.

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